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Dr. Raman
Meet Dr. Raman Singh, and you are welcomed with an easy, genuine smile. This smile isn’t a fake one; it originates from the heart. Bathed in freshness, brimming with humility and full of compassion; this smile is a constant feature of Dr. Raman Singh.  This smile generates confidence and trust in the 2.25 crore residents of Chhattisgarh.

It creates hope about the future. It inspires confidence in the eyes of the present. Today, when the country and the world looks at Chhattisgarh as a rapidly progressing state with a multitude of possibilities, the population of this progressing state feels proud of their elected chief minister, Dr. Raman Singh
It is this pride of the young and old, men and women of the state that keeps Dr. Raman stoic in the face of conflicts and challenges, despite his chief minister status. It strengthens his vow of ensuring Chhattisgarh’s progress on all fronts and the welfare of its people.  It gives him the zeal to work as many as 17-18 hours a day without any interruptions. Dr. Raman intends to get rid of the myth that Chhattisgarh is a “Rich state with poor people”. He wishes to write a new adage that says, “The prosperous and privileged people of a prosperous state”.
This very resolution of Dr. Raman Singh inspires him to do everything possible for the progress and betterment of the people of the state. Whether it is about making rice available at Rs. 3 per kg every month to the 34 lakh economically backward families in the state , or many other projects for eliminating malnutrition; Dr. Raman Singh is dedicated to implementing practical measures to achieve them. In touch with Chhattisgarh’s ground realities, he constantly endeavours to fast-track every aspect for the state’s progress. A small example would be his gifting of bicycles to girls in school. Only someone who has lived amongst the masses would perhaps know how even a bicycle can ease a school girl’s life. The very reason why he has defined, “The complete progress of villages, the poor, and the farmers” as the key objective of the Chhattisgarh Government, is because he understands their sufferings and pain, along with their desires and aspirations.