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Chhattisgarh Information Technology Plan-
The following initiatives are being taken in order to provide free computer education to all girls -
  • NIIT is providing computer training.
  • For 1189 high schools & 1, 86,000 girls of higher secondary schools, Chhattisgarh government has paid Rs. 54 per student.
  • District Computer Training centres have been setup in 16 districts of Chhattisgarh state.
  • From the year 2009-10 around 400 centres have been started to give benefit to 78,000 girls.
  • Presently 300 schools are under the ICT plan and 1900 schools have been proposed. For this plan Rs 3695.50 lac have been earmarked for 2010-11
Saraswati Bicycle Plan to provide free cycles
To promote education among the scheduled caste/scheduled tribe girls, who are studying in high schools, free bicycles are being provided. From the session 2007-08 girls of the 9th standard belonging to scheduled caste and of general category below poverty line have been provided free bicycles for easy transportation. This has attracted girl students to schools.
Free school uniform plan
  • For the students of primary school [1-5] of scheduled caste/scheduled tribes and below poverty line are provided free school uniform.
  • For the year 2009-10 a total of Rs 9.00 crore has been earmarked, this has provided free school uniform to 5.4 lakh girl students.
Student Accident Insurance Scheme
• Under this scheme, from government and aided primary schools to university level students - all are provided with accident insurance. This scheme provides cover for accidental death, full or permanent type of disability at Rs. 10,000 and for loss of single limb or hand or partial disability at Rs. 5000. Rs. 5000 are provided for treatment.
Free distribution of text books/free library scheme
  • From class 1st to 8th all students are given free text books.
  • From 2005-06 9th-10th grade female students studying in government schools/aided schools are given free text books.
  • From year 2008-09 11th & 12th grade scheduled caste/scheduled tribe and all other boys & girls students are given text books & other books under the said scheme.
  • Presently under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan scheme and the School Education Department [Textbook Corporation], students of class 1st - 8th are provided free text books.
Mid Day Meal Plan
  • Under this plan, free cooked food is provided for up to 200 work days on an average. Food for up to 230 work days has been sanctioned.
  • Under this plan, 146 development blocks having 47175 schools with 4022261 students, are benefitting in the state. Mid Day Meal is prepared by ladies self-help group for 18672 schools under the control of Grampanchayat. 286 schools are getting food through local bodies and 182 schools are getting food through the initiatives of social work organizations. Rest of the schools are getting Mid Day Meals through development committees and people’s contribution committee.
  • For the Management, monitoring and valuation of Mid Day Meal centres Rs172.12 lacs expenditure is proposed. An external agency is reviewing the activity of the Mid Day Meal Plans, and for this purpose a computer operator has been appointed at the district headquarters.
Library scheme
In order to provide knowledge enriching books for the students of all the high schools & higher middle schools of Chhattisgarh, a library scheme has been initiated. Thanks to the said scheme, for the year 2009-10, around 2lac students from all the schools of Chhattisgarh have benefited. In the year 2010-11 the goal is to provide the benefit of this scheme to about 2lac 50 thousand students. For the said purpose, Rs 5crore 83 lac have been allocated for 2009-10 & for the year 2010-11 Rs 6crore 30lacs have been allocated.
Girls Motivating Plan
With an aim to encourage girl education, students entering 9th class are given cash incentives. Under this plan, school education department and tribal welfare departments catering to all scheduled caste/scheduled tribe girls & Kasturba Gandhi Girls school students who pass 8th standard and get admission in 9th standard would get Rs 3000 each in the form of fixed deposit in their account. Under this plan, in the year 2009-10, around 2,450 girl students benefited & in the year 2010-11 the goal is to provide this benefit to 31000 girls. In the year 2009-10 Rs 7crore 37 lacs 70 thousand were allocated & in 2010-11 Rs 8 crore have been allocated.
European Commission States Partnership Plan
In order to overcome the financial crunch & as per the requirement of state to provide quality education, a new plan is to be implemented. This plan is implemented from year 2007-08 and would continue for next 5 years. This plan aims to provide training to 18000 teachers & quality education to 42lac students. For the financial year 2009-10, under this scheme, Rs 55crore have been given & for financial year2010-11 again Rs 55crore have been allocated.