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In this drive, Dr. Raman Singh along with his government officials travel all across Chhattisgarh covering urban as well as rural areas, and inform people about the development work being carried out by them. New development schemes are also launched during this campaign.


This is conducted in three phases. The first phase is all about inviting applications from the citizens talking about the prevailing issues or mentioning their demands. In the second phase, the demands or complaints received are resolved. The third phase is all about camps called ‘Samadhan Shivir’ in which the people are informed about the actions taken by Dr. Raman Singh government to resolve their issues. In this phase, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh himself conducts surprise inspections by visiting any village or town randomly or suddenly participates in a camp to directly interact with the people and take stock of the situation.


It is a programme that is organized at Chief Minister’s residence in which citizens from all over the state come and hand over their applications related to complaints/demands directly to CM Dr. Raman Singh. On receiving these applications, the Chief Minister instructs relevant departments to take necessary steps to resolve the issues mentioned. Click on this link to know more


In the E-Jandarshan Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh connects with the people residing in remote districts of the state through Video Conferencing and takes feedback related to the development works in their area and also the prevailing issues.

Raman Ke Goth

This is a monthly radio talk by Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh in which he shares his thoughts regarding ongoing development works and current affairs with the people of Chhattisgarh. To listen to ‘Raman ke Goth’, download Raman App from Playstore. To listen to Raman ke Goth, download Raman App from playstore”:

Facebook Q & A

This is a medium through which Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh answers queries raised by people via Facebook.